Digital Travel Agency

The Challenge

The main goal of this project was to find a way to create a digital presence for LCC. LCC wants to reach the younger generation which is mainly booking their holidays online. Therefore, we started this project to find a new way of how to digitalize travel agencies and create value for the user which differs from the already existing online platforms. In the kick-off workshop, we defined the vision, problems and needs from the travel agent perspective. We came up with four hypotheses for the travel agency of the future. Together with LCC, we defined what the travel agencies need to look likes, as well as personas and UX Journeys.

Conception & Design

During the following research phase, we conducted interviews with both travel agents as well as travellers to discover the problems & needs the users are facing at the moment whilst travelling. During these interviews, we could identify three key problems. Missing inspiration, inhibited decision-making and lack of confidence. Through the possibility to go literally EVERYWHERE travellers do not know where to start their search. Too many options lead to an immense time-consumption and leave the user with the constant feeling that there could be something better coming up. Furthermore, users don't feel as confident when booking alone, it seems stressful for them to have the sole responsibility. Based on these insights we moved during the ideation workshop from the problem space into the solution space and the functionalities the new solution needs to provide. Subsequently, we transformed those ideas into wireframes & mock-ups. The core of the new solution are three key functionalities: Intelligent inspirations, trust person & decision-maker and travel companion.The user gets the possibility to swipe through different travel locations. Each travel location has three tags e.g. location, activity and weather. By marking the locations with a heart, the preferences of the user are determined in a fun and engaging way. Based on these preferences the user get suggestions for new trips.
After selecting the rough criteria Scotty comes into action. If the user wants to get an offer for the specific journey, he can choose one Scotty which matches their own profile. Scotty then helps you to book your personalized journey and is your contact person in every situation. With the local Scotty the traveller has an always available, local contact person. He helps to book spontaneous add-on but isn’t salesy. Through the chat, the user is always enabled to ask questions and stays flexible during the whole journey.

We started this project to find a new way of how to digitalize travel agencies.
Mock-Ups of the first MVP

Test and improve

We tested the designs, as well as a first visual click dummy of the new solution. To get meaningful results we've let users go through each step of the user journey with the new solution.

This enabled us to figure out what we need to improve:

Problem 1: A clear explanation of what Scotty actually is and what benefits it offers.

Problem 2: Unclear meaning of the icons in the app

Problem 3: A Forced combination of Scotty and Local-Scotty

... and we solved these problems afterwards. The next step is to create a solution for LCCs travel agents.

With the local Scotty the traveller has an always available, local contact person.