Company Core Values.


Our core values build the basis for all our decision. This happens automatically and often unconsciously. If you tell your friend straight in his face that his new haircut looks terrible, that is probably because you value honesty more than kindness. Core values do not only affect our personal life but also our work life. Especially the younger generation is said to choose their job based on the cultural fit rather than the payment.

Why we do what we do that

What is happening at Google (Alphabet) is a good example of the importance of company culture. For a long time, one of their core values was “Don’t be evil.” The statement was in the meantime dismissed from their code of conduct but is still deeply infused in their culture. That those “core values” are more than just phrases, can be observed by the recent protests of their employees against the $90 million payout to Andy Rubin despite the accusations for sexual misconduct. This shows that company values can be more than just phrases - if you do it right.

Building our company culture

Mermaid Studios just turned 1-year old (hooray) and recently we decided that we need to define our own core values. You may ask yourself if this is really necessary for a small studio like us, we are (obviously) not Google.Yes! ...and I will tell you why. As Mermaid Studios grew all of the sudden the number of employees almost doubled. With Hester, our CEO, being away most of the week and more new employees than “regulars”, a general insecurity developed about how things are done. Is it okay to just go for walk to free your mind? How do we communicate? Even though we all have our personal values a common ground to define our work culture was missing.


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