The Power of


Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools to establish an emotional connection with your listeners and to get a better content experience.

The reason why it is so important is that it can transform a product or service into something extraordinary infused with emotions and character.
Remember when you were a child, you always enjoyed storytelling sessions from your parents at bedtime? It is in our human DNA that we love stories.

Storytelling has the power to influence, inspire and teach listeners.
Good stories boost good feelings like trust, confidence, motivation and hope. And they have also an entertainment purpose. Storytelling is an art to involve the listener. Involve them in context.

Why do we all love them so much ?


There is a scientific explanation behind it - a hormone called oxytocin tends to increase when we hear a story that resonates with us. There are fundamental for social creatures to capture the essence of social interaction.

Moreover, it is proven that when we hear a story not only the language processing parts in our brain activates, even other areas in our brain we would normally use while experiencing the events of the story gets activated. That means the more you convey information in story form, the closer the experience and understanding will be for the listener.

How to use storytelling in your design process

Applying storytelling techniques and methods help your UX Design in many aspects.
By creating personas, writing user stories, calculating cool statistics and interactive design elements you can come up with an authentic experience.

If it doesn’t add value to your messages it is unnecessary. It has to be relevant to your user - less is often more. During our project with HessenForst we completely redefined the page structure reducing the information overload of around 250 pages to 52. You want to make the most out of it, but that does not mean to fill your design with tons of elements. Do not forget why your user is here and where do you want to lead them.

Adapt your vocabulary
To connect with the target group, you have to make sure that you adopt their vocabulary. Moreover, the tone of voice says how the message is received. Professional, comedic or polarizing - it has to be directly related to the reason why the users are on your website.

Creation of Emotions
In order to create emotions, you have to be authentic. If you're putting up something that doesn’t resonate with you, your website or brand the listeners will now.By using the users imagery for example with a large photo banner people feel more empathetic. Other powerful tools are colors, fonts and patterns. A good example is our app development with Eintracht Frankfurt in order to create a better fan experience. We used emotional football images to involve their fans. Take a closer look at it.


Storytelling has a lot of benefits - it builds a connection between you and your listeners as well as improves user experience. It will take a lot of creativity and hard work to get it right. But the results can change everything.


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