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Mobil Krankenkasse is one of Germany's largest company health insurance funds. Their digital services range from submitting sick notes and other forms to finding doctors and arranging eligible online health classes. The multitude of services results in the challenge of not overwhelming users, but at the same time providing an overview of relevant services.

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UX/UI Design

User Testings

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Mobil Krankenkasse Homesite

Define Problems

With workshops, user tests and benchmarking we analyzed the existing website to identify optimization potentials. From this, we identified 3 main problems that needed to be solved:

01/ Confusing page layout
Users were unable to find the content they were looking for due to unstructured page content and inconsistent page layout.

02/ Unclear navigation
Related pages were not grouped thematically. Thus, it was not clear for users under which navigation points they could find which content.

03/ Lack of USP communication
On the basis of the existing content, users were unable to identify the advantages and differentiating features  compared to other health insurance companies.


Based on the challenges identified, as well as contemporary design standards, we focused the ReFresh on the following:

Simplification of the website structure

Unification of the page structure

Focus on responsive and accessible design

Improved Design KPIs

Unique selling points
By decluttering and restructuring the design we improved the users’ understanding of BKK Mobile Oil’s USPs. The design improved from a former 2.8 to a new 1.9.

User Flow
We were able to improve the search to navigation ratio. At the beginning of the project 80% of the participants preferred to use the search function because the navigation was too confusing. After our improvements 100% of the participants preferred to use the new organised navigation.

User Error Rate
On the previous website the content was displayed as a long list, which meant a lot of scrolling for the users without even knowing if they would find the required information. Due to the redesign of the website the error rate was reduced from 51% to 25%.

Information architecture

In order to optimize navigation and to organize the multitude of information intuitively, we involved users in two test procedures in the ReFresh.

Digital Card Sorting
Using card sorting, an overwhelming number of 141 different services were identified in 16 potential groupings. These formed the basis for the new website structure.

Tree Test
We tested & iterated the new structure with 50 participants. The success rate for direct content retrieval was increased by 71%.

New Website Structure

In order to make it easier for users to navigate the site, we have divided the pages into 3 sections. The goal was to lead everyone to the content they were looking for within 3 clicks.

Home Site Main Area

Main Area

The Hero section contains the navigation, as well as a short introduction to the topic of each page and an image that helps to quickly and emotionally classify the topic.

Homesite Categories Area

Categories Area

This is followed by grouping the topic content into different subcategories. This minimizes the scrolling time and bounce rate as users get an overview of all subsections at a glance.

Homesite Information Area

Information Area

Then, depending on the content type, the more in-depth information and key messages of the topic is displayed - divided and presented in different sections. This way, content can be clearly distinguished and processed piece by piece.

Responsive Design

We created a responsive interface for the website and adapted the affordances according to the mobile devices to ensure an optimal experience for the user.

Mkk responsive website on iPad and iPhone

Design optimized for the disabled

The design was constantly checked by experts during the process to guarantee that the website followed the accessibility guidelines. Users are able to adjust the settings – e.g. change the spacing – according to their needs.


The ReFresh of the website forms the basis for a better orientation of customers on the website. The new information structure picks up existing and new customers alike and helps them reach their goals within a short time.

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