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Full Time/Freelancer UX Researcher (M/W/D)

Who are we?

Mermaid Studios is all about Design Experience, founded by Hester Hilbrecht with the user in mind and quality driven. With an international vibe and rooted in Berlin, we are focusing on complex digital products with a special interest in impact- and sustainability innovation. We are appreciating challenges. To our clients, we emanate trust and safety. As a Mermaid, you will experience a safe space to explore, contribute and grow. We celebrate your input - and your mistakes. To us, great UX needs a special attitude, genuine curiosity and the willingness to be brave.

How we do that?

We take the lead! We are always considering ourselves as part of the client’s team. We will support them in discovering their needs and guide them to the most fitting approach. We insist on facilitating a design process that is based on research, user needs of all stakeholders and that is tailor made for each project. Process leadership and integrity is our success factor and highly appreciated by our clients. We work in an agile and user-centric way. And we are thriving on three principles: Educate, execute and enable.

Our Why

We believe that human centered design is non-negotiable and our contribution to a better version of our planet. Our impact is measured in their experience.

Are you a good fit for us?

We are a small core team that operates in a lean & collaborative way, together with our pool of freelancers. As a Full Time employee or Freelancer at Mermaid Studios you become part of our vision - we treat you as a Mermaid. Whilst we have our own way of doing things, we are looking forward to your contribution in the form of new methods and innovative ideas. We cherish learning from each other. We celebrate diversity and expect self-responsibility and ownership from everyone. And the last bit? You need to be empathetic and a pro-active contributor.

Your Role

As a Mermaid…

… I am fluent in German and English.
… I bring at least 4-5 years of experience in my field of expertise, always interested to improve and learning never stops.
… I present a current portfolio that includes my design process.
… I have strong communication skills, as well as a structured and customer-oriented way of working.
… I can educate others if needed and have a natural sense of empowerment.
… I am familiar with Figma, Jira and Confluence or bring the willingness to learn quickly.
… I am a strong character, ready to role, still humble, empathetic and actively listening.
… I am a leader and team player.
… I have an extended service attitude, always leading the client.
… I love and excel in complex and demanding projects.

As a Mermaid UX Researcher…

… I am familiar with various qualitative & quantitative research methods.
… I love the challenge and am super creative about difficult and complex research situations.
… I prepare and conduct user research.
… I analyze and synthesize research findings (in form of e.g. personas, customer journey maps, etc.).
… I prepare and, if necessary, conduct customer workshops.

Do you resonate?

We are super curious to meet you! We're aiming to build a whole new system of collaboration and want you to be a part of it - be it on the core team or as a freelancer! Our system will be focused on participation, longevity and meaningfulness. We want to be a different kind of agency. One that creates a sense of community and actively promotes mutual exchange and learning in the project even among the freelancers we collaborate with. Curious? Let's talk!

We look forward to receiving your application!

Your Mermaid Studios Team

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